Monday, September 12, 2016

An awesome Mormon Stories

I highly recommend this Mormon Stories episode. (My fave LGBT themed episode is still the Benji Schwimmer trio of episodes, but...)

This story so perfectly captures how messy missions can be for LGBT missionaries, from the comp who'd eaten cray cakes (but didn't get sent home) to the wild emotions you feel for other missionaries. (I got lucky and never had a companion who was my type. I did kind of crush on one AP though. We slept in separate beds the one time we did go on splits together. *sigh*)

Anyway... great stuff this podcast. Nice work Jacob and #JohnDehlin.


  1. Yes, I enjoyed this podcast. I really felt so sorry for Jacob that he got sent home. And, that he had to deal with such a horrifying companion who, in my opinion, SHOULD have been sent home. Jacob's story was very poignant and touching.

    1. Indeed. It's nice though that the unfortunate events have led him to a better place emotionally.