Sunday, April 9, 2017

What about my son?

Hello world! It's been a few months because... well... life.

Today my deacon son passed the sacrament first to his mother, who happened to be sitting up on the stand today, and then to me down in the congregation. As he did, I couldn't help but reflect on his future. I found myself wondering what future I wished for him.

I believe I've mentioned in past posts that I'm fairly certain he's gay (or at least bi). His type is becoming obvious:

(Maybe he's not gay, but just has a thing for hot superhero men.)

I admit that part of me wants him to know the joy that I found watching as he was born, holding him in my arms for the first time, knowing that in a very literal sense he was half my fault (in a good way). The birth of your own offspring is such an amazing, humbling experience. I realize, however, if he is gay that this may not be in his future.

But I also want him to experience things that I never experienced. I want him to date guys and find out what characteristics he likes and doesn't like in a boyfriend. His older siblings have their heterosexual dating relationships. They kiss each other good night and presumably make out when they're alone (hopefully in a respectful, appropriate manner). Why would I want anything less for my gay son (if he is in fact gay)?

I absolutely do not want him to remain celibate. The current church teaching, "It's ok to BE gay if you don't DO gay" is complete bullsh*t.


  1. He and a partner could know that joy of birth through a surrogate or birth mother. You're still thinking in dichotomies (as per your other post. ;) )